Indy Star: "No more delays for development"

"Unfortunately, Mayor Greg Ballard’s efforts to expand the Downtown TIF district to include sections of Massachusetts and Indiana avenues has been delayed by protracted discussions that have developers and neighborhoods in limbo.

"TIFs lock in property tax levels for a period and retain some of the revenue within the target area. Used well, they replenish blighted and stagnant areas. Critics say they deprive schools and libraries of needed funds — and that, in Indy’s case, they have been pushed through without enough public input or cost-benefit analysis.

"The latter complaints also have a partisan tinge and are moot when it comes to Proposal 15. Many months of deliberations have accrued, and the projects pass muster.

"Mass Ave. involves replacing a fire station, which doesn’t pay taxes, with private enterprise. The 16-Tech venture would make Indiana Avenue a life-sciences corridor, harboring one of the city’s most promising industries."

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